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About Cinema box apk

If you are looking for a simple yet elegant Android APK to watch the latest movies in HD quality, give Cinema Box a try. Many of you would have known what Cinema Box is. Cinema box is a platform for managing film festivals. Cinema Box is the newest movie app on the scene. It offers a very nice user interface and it has some features we have seen in other movie apps. Cinema Box only has movies on this app, which is a nice feature. It also has categories which include: the newest movies, updated, and top rated. There is also an option to download movies and to favourite movies. Cinema box requires two APK files:
The Cinema box - the app itself
Cine Player - this app plays the movies
Download the official Cinema Box app to your Android. From the creators of Movie HD and HD Cinema, the Cinema Box pc supported you can stream, and download movies and TV shows in HD for free! Since Cinema Box is now available in the Google Play Store, you will need to sideload the app to your device. These are the following steps to used Cinema Box in your Android mobiles.
1. Go to Settings
2. Go to Security
3. Go to Unknown Sources
4. Download Cinema Box
5. Wait for Cinema Box to finish downloading
6. Install Cinema Box
7. Open Cinema Box
8. You now have the Cinema Box on your android!
So you have found the Movie or Tv Show you wish to watch; now what do you do?  It is quite simply just click on it and you will see something similar to the screen above.  This is where you tap on the stream available for your chosen media and providing you have installed the cine player app you should be good.  Your media content will start streaming and you'll be on your way to enjoying your evening. Once you have started your stream you can then decide if you would like to stream with another player.  To do this tap on the square with the upward facing arrow in the top corner. This can be used to opt to use a casting app to cast your stream from your android mobile to your Smart TV with casting capabilities, for example. You can also tap on the cloud with the downward arrow should you wish to download the Movie or TV Show onto your device.

·         Large selection of videos including the latest films and shows
·         Updated daily
·         Fast and high-quality streams (1080P)
·         Download and watch offline
·         Bookmark your favorite videos
·         Search by category, genre, or title
·         Video player supports Chromecast
·         Totally free

As with all free movie and TV shows Android APK's the application is not perfect as links may not always work. However, overall the app runs very well.The app is constantly updated with new videos with easy installation. Please note this app is ad supported in order to fund the maintenance and development of the app and so we can all access the content free. The ads will in no way impede upon the viewing of any program once your stream has started.  Make sure to download the application as well as player.


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