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Basic differences between private and shared proxies

Most of the people are not familiar with the proxy servers. It is a simple concept. Whenever a person connects to the internet, his IP address is transmitted to the main server to identify his request. A proxy is a kind of ID which contains all the information about the person with whom the proxy is registered. With the help of proxy, only the request is submitted to the server but there is no direct communication in any way. The privately shared proxy has multiple characteristics. Some of the qualities possessed by the shared and private proxies are as follows.

Private proxies

There are many large organizations working worldwide who possess their own proxy servers. This is done so that the companies can enjoy better speed or they want access to some of the extra browsing. Moreover, these websites are even more reliable and stable in terms of internet connectivity. All the main servers present in the internet work with proxies for only 12 to 24 hours and after that time period, already used specific proxies are banned by the servers because of certain reasons. So, while making a decision about buying a proxy, the purpose behind buying it should be very clear. The newly bought proxy should be compatible with the HTTP, also, the turnaround time for the proxy should also be known, and this will tell the times for which proxy is rotated.

Shared proxies

Shared proxies are actually the proxies that are semi private. They have some of the features possessed by private proxies and some features of public proxies that are shared among multiple users. Most of the people have a need to share the proxy with multiple people at the unknown place and in that situation, shared proxy is used. People buy privately shared proxy because they want to reduce the cost of getting a private proxy. There are many fast and good proxies available out there that can perform really good services for people. This is really beneficial for most of the people because multiple blocked content and websites can be visited easily because of this.

Difference between private and shared proxies

There are many cheapprivate shared proxies available in the market and they their price varies because the characteristics possessed by them vary. From multiple aspects, the function performed by these proxies is the same in terms of performance and cost. The difference is just that the shared proxies are shared among people however in private proxy there is just a single owner to carry to the task. Many exclusive services are for the private proxy holders while in shared proxies the facilities are shared among all users equally. So, the private proxies have different speed as compared to the shared proxies because of the differing number of users. However, the best decision should be made depending on the priorities and requirements of a person. If speed is not the primary concern and a person wants to compromise on the price, then shared proxy is a better option. 


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