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Sleep problems .. We do not stop quietly at all, not at all if you have no trouble but everyone sleeps on average one third of his life. Except if you have sleep problems. How CBD oil or weed oil can do something about it and how it works, we put out in this blog as clearly as possible. In addition, at the bottom of this blog you will find cbd oil experiences from people who already use cbd or cotton oil for better sleep. Your own cbd oil experiences, questions or remarks about cbd oil and sleep are of course also more than welcome! 
Insomnia is a common problem. About 7% to 8% of people in the Netherlands and Belgium suffer from this. Its consequences are obvious; You are not fit, badly equipped and not sharp. In addition, people who suffer from insomnia often have concentration problems and can be emotionally unstable.

The cause of insomnia can be very different. It may be your attitude, wrong breathing technique, a volatile work schedule with evening services, but also a lack of endocannabinoids (body cannabinoids) in your body. That the addition of cannabinoids can positively affect a good sleep is therefore not surprising.
CBD oil and sleep
The effect of CBD  on sleep has been investigated a lot, so in a study with certain animals it was discovered that CBD prolonged the duration of sleep. The high-dose animals also found longer periods of deep sleep. It took a little longer before falling asleep. Wholesale CBD Isolate can be a better choice to buy it.
It has also been discovered that CBD oil not only affects how easy we fall asleep and how long we sleep as well as on the sleep cycle itself. CBD increases the deep third sleep phase and reduces the duration of REM sleep. The third sleep phase would be the most important phase for those who suffer from a sleep disorder. REM sleep is the slight sleep during which we dream. Due to a reduced REM sleep, people who use CBD oil as a natural sleeper,  More often dreamless sleep. A shorter period of REM sleep has been associated with a reduction in symptoms of depression.

Blood testing, done during sleep, shows that CBD oil influences dopamine levels in the bloodstream. This leads to a more relaxed and better sleep. Research has also shown that CBD oil can improve sleep with people with poor sleep patterns and chronic fatigue. 
There are also studies showing that CBD promoted alertness [2]. This sounds inconsistent with the foregoing and this is quite awkward if you like to sleep of course. However, it is possible that this difference in effect can be explained by the differences in the administered concentrations of cbd. In one study, a lower concentration of CBD was used and the other study worked with a high concentration. 
Advice on using CBD oil and sleep
Based on research, our own experiences and based on feedback from our customers, we know that CBD can help sleepily sleep well. The most chosen oil in this case is the organic cbd oil by 5% . This is due to the fact that this is a pure CBD oil with many CBD's already sufficient for a good effect on sleep problems. If you also want to use cbd oil for a better night's rest, we recommend that you take the oil's sleep around an hour before bedtime. This taking should always be done as the cbd is best absorbed by the mucous membranes. If you mix the drops with water or something else, the operation will last for longer because the injection will then take place via the stomach and intestines.


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