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Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is a minister in one of the Nigerian Christian churches known as Christ Embassy. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome instituted a Bible-based Christian ministry in Lagos, Nigeria which is also recognized as the Believers' Loveworld Incorporated. Chris Oyakhilome was born on December 7, 1961 as eldest son of Mr.& Mrs. T. Oyakhilome in Edo, Nigeria. The pastor married Reverend Anita 

Ebhodaghe in 1991, and afterwards blessed with two children that is, Sharon and Charlane. In a span of 25 years of marriage, on April 9, 2014, his wife filed for separation in court and they ended up divorcing in February 2016 settling on decision of sharing the guardianship of their two children.
Apart from being a minister the Chris Oyakhilome is also an author and a television host. He does several things in his ministry including running a well-known NGO Innercity Missions specifically for 

Children, Ecstasy of Realities and also a Healing School. He has also authored books such as the LoveWorld Books, and runs three evangelical television channels known as, LoveWorld SAT, LoveWorld TV, and LoveWorld Plus. The programs in these stations mainly broadcast faith healings and miracles that are performed in the meetings that are usually planned by his ministry in a number of countries. The meetings host a congregation of over 2.5 million people in a solo night's event. Christ Embassy is a known megachurch of a Christian denomination that was founded in the year 1990 with a theology based on the Neo-charismatic movement. It has planted churches in many countries and is counting approximately1 million members with the headquarters of Lagos having 40 000 members.

A new 24- hour TV Channel was launched in the USA based in California known as the LoveWorld USA with an intention of Carrying on the mission of continuing with the ministry Jesus Christ and commemorate his cause and also entertain his followers. The chief idea behind the creation of the channel was to create a devoted religious TV channel that brings together the initiatives of Chris Oyakhilome and those of Pastor Benny Hinn who is known instructor evangelist and writer in order to inform the people of the U.S. and the world, on their inspired lessons on religion as well as demonstrate the power of God on a daily basis. With the increasing number of followers in the U.S, this channel would incorporate the followers in the U.S to take portion in the various functions that the religious leaders perform regularly. The newly launched channel is to be used to show the power of 

God with people who might not then have an opportunity to access such content. Touching lives in the U.S and the world is also going to be revitalized through the new channel in order to change the world through changing the life of an individual who is not well informed about the ministry of Christ. It is a great opportunity for the church to reach the whole world at a go. The Haven Convention 2017 by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome in a nutshell called upon the followers to intensify their work.


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